Nature Walk in Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

February 28, 2017

Tell Me A Story: Monthly Blog (Feb 2017)


We went for a walk on a sunny and warm day in a February, which has been a very different this year.

Meadowlark Botanical Garden is spread over 95 acres of ornamental display gardens and unique native plant collections locally here in Vienna, Virginia. It was little early in the season to discover local flora and fauna but the views of lakes, forests and meandering walking trails was amazing.  These are some of the pictures I took from the trail. 
My son Arthur also took some pictures and you can see his photos here.


The welcome center from the rear entrance.


There were plenty of birds but I was not close enough to get a better view. 

There were plenty of big fishes in the lakes. Pretty big and colorful too.

Don't you think this is beautiful?

There were a lot of visitors and hikers. But not too crowded. 

And some of the views were beautiful. 

The blue sky made it even better. 

Different view 

A lot of nests on the trees. 

Just beautiful. 

 Do you see anything here?

 Duck diving ;)