Hiking in Sky Meadows State Park

April 30, 2017

Tell Me A Story: Monthly Blog (April 2017)

Every Year during Spring Break, we usually go out of town for couple of days. This year was a little different, only Arthur and me joined my friend Stephon and his daughter to a wonderful trip to West Virginia. On our way to west Virginia, Sky Meadows State Park was our first stop. It was a great park with a lot of old buildings and a good hike. This was also my first time carrying the heavy 150-600mm Tamron lens for an extended period. Let me be honest, it was a heavy lens if you have to carry it for a long time. 


But that did not stop us from having fun. 





 Old buildings.



 Old tells us so many stories.


 Beautiful as I see it.


 Close up of tulip flower seen inside.

 Beautiful tulips.

 Changing lens now.

 Those hiking, I solute you.


 Old barn and the lavender trees. 

 See me blowing. 

 I can do it better.

 Is it snack time yet?

 What a beautiful place, so peaceful.

 Old building, well maintained. 

 Love the nature.


 Old rundown barn. 

 A little tired but that's  ok. 

 A small house sparrow had the loudest noise. Making the maximum use of Tamron 150-600mm at 600mm. 

 Pick a boo - do you see anyone hiding behind the bush?

 Old beautiful Barn and the peace. 

 We are still waiting for you, come fast.

 When one runs, there is a chance he could fall. But that is the fun of such trips.