Retirement Party for Donna

June 30, 2017

Tell Me A Story: Monthly Blog (June 2017)


Stay young at heart, kind in spirit, and enjoy retirement living.


Donna Stephenson has been in the government services for more than 35 years. She started her career in the US Army and later joined NIH. Her recent position has been the ISSO Officer at NINDS- National Institute of Health. She has been a great person to work with and we will miss her at work, not to forget her signature Rum cake during Parties. But at the same time, we are very happy for her. 


The cookies with Donna's face on them. This is super cool. 

When you retire, you want to be close to the beach and flip flop is what you would wear most of the time. 

Each seat on the table had this, thank you Xan for all these.

This looks awesome, in the beach with the drinks. And a lot of personal messages on the card. 


The retirement cake, the theme - beach setting. Yes, she will be moving to Florida, the first choice for retirement people. 

She is ready, and waiting for a long time. She even had her calendar marked and crossed it as the days went by. The day is finally coming close.

Glad to meet so many old friends. Glad so many were able to make it.

 Always good to meet old friends and co-workers. 

 Close and far, glad they made it.

 Donna with her husband. They will soon be moving to Florida, the sunshine state.  

 Matt White, was the MC and coordinated the event with Xan, Sue and others. 

 Meeting her after a long time, must feel great.