Fun at Apple Picking

October 31, 2017

Tell Me A Story: Monthly Blog (October 2017)


Peace is your very nature. Peace is your innate nature; it cannot go away from you. That’s why it means so much to be at peace with oneself. We feel that we want to be at peace with ourselves. You are peace.


Warm October Sunday, we decided to do something interesting and outdoor event that we all could enjoy. So we decided to drive a little more than an hour to this beautiful countryside to pick up apples. It was so much fun. The varieties of apples, the fresh air and the company made a great fun trip for us.


The location is on the outskirt of I-66 towards Front Royal at Heartland Orchards located at 3064 Hartland Lane, Markham, Virginia 22643. I would highly recommend the place.


These are some of the pictures from that day.