Snow day in March

March 31, 2018

Tell Me A Story: Monthly Blog (March 2018)


Climate change is real, and we are getting the extremes. It snows on the 2nd day of Spring, which is very rare. Since our offices were closed, I used my lunch break to go out and take some pictures. I wanted my son Arthur to come out and play on the snow but he had different ideas.


Some photos from the day, 

Is it spring yet?

 No parking but snow welcome :)

  I am not sure how bad the cleaning will be. 

  A lamp post get its part of snow. 

 The lifeguard seat is enjoying some snow. 

 Trash can got a good snow coating.

 Snow everywhere

 Spring, its getting there. 

 Looks pretty heavy for the branch to hold over. 

 Some snow covered branches and tees. 

 Are you ready to sit here?

 Snow makes everything beautiful. 

 The car is nicely covered on snow. 

 We had Bobcats cleaning our neighborhood, thank you Peter's landscaping for the great service.