Short trip to VB

May 31, 2018

Tell Me A Story: Monthly Blog (May 2018)

For this year's memorial weekend, we took a short trip to Virginia Beach. Thank you to our friends for great hospitality. It is always a great trip despite the traffic. 


If you have not been to Virginia Beach, I would recommend you to visit, and the sunrise is beautiful. 

 Getting up at 5 am to get the sunrise was totally worth it with the view.

 We enjoiyed the beauty and took alot of photos. 

 The boats on the dock looked impressive as well. 

 This is part of the Navy and was beautiful to see the first rays of light. 

 My friend, and my guide in Virginia Beach. 

 I was lucky enough to get this shot. I wish I had my telephoto lens with me at that moment. 

In the afternoon, we went to Pungo Strawberry festival at 1776 Princess Anne Rd K, Virginia Beach, VA 23456. This is an annual event where around 20,000 people were expected to participate. Some pictures from the festival.




















After the festival, we went to waterfront, downtown area of Norfolk.